Two-way emergency alerting

Your alert is sent via desktop, push notification, text message, and email. Recipients acknowledge they received it by checking in to let you know if they see danger, need help, or are safe!

Easily send emergency alerts from your mobile device or computer in seconds

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How did we make emergency alerting better?

When you need people to take immediate and specific action to get safe, there is no time to waste. That's why we enable you and any authorized user on your Share911 network to broadcast emergency alerts to your recipients while notifying 911 at the same time. 


Need clarification?

What kind of alerts can I send with Share911 Emergency?

You decide which emergency alerts you want to send during the implementation phase. We match our alerts to your emergency plans and protocols.

Can I use Share911 on my phone?

Yes, you can download and install the Share911 app for both iPhone and Android. You can also access it via on your web browser.

Who can send emergency alerts?

Share911 Emergency is a permission-based feature, meaning the only people who can use it are those whom you grant permission to.

How can people reply to my emergency alert?

Unlike many other emergency alerting systems, Share911 enables recipients to reply. They simply tap or click "check-in" to let you know if they see danger, need help, or are safe, along with their exact location.

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