Know what's happening, as it's happening.

Share911 is a Critical Event Management Platform that ensures you are notified of events happening anywhere in your organization while empowering you to communicate directly with the individuals, groups, and everyone involved.

Know what's happening


Be aware of safety concerns, emergency activity in the area, and operational disruptions.

Emergency Alerts

Know when people are locking down, sheltering in place or evacuating due to a critical event.


See incidents unfold and get first-hand information directly from people on the scene.


Make sure everyone involved in a critical event has been reunited with their loved ones.

Share what's happening


Communicate safety concerns, the location of the emergency activity or operational disruptions with groups or everyone impacted.

Emergency Alerts

Immediate alert people when they need to lockdown, shelter in place or evacuate due to a critical event happening nearby.

Incident Updates

Keep everyone informed of what's happening during a critical event, instead of leaving them in the dark, wondering what is happening.

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