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Mass Notification & Emergency Management

Share911 makes it easy for you to share time-critical information and manage critical incidents of all kinds
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Works both on iOS and Android

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Making mass notification better

When you have something that people need to know right now or they need to specific action to get safe, there is no time to waste. That's why we make it simple for you and any authorized member of your Share911 network to share time-sensitive information electronically, from wherever you are.

Permission-based access

Permission-based access

Share911 is a permission-based platform, that gives you full control over who can and cannot share time-sensitive information, and issue emergency alerts and updates.



You decide which notification categories and emergency alerts you want to send. We customize Share911 to match your communication plans and protocols.



Share911 enables recipients to reply to your notifications and alerts by commenting or “checking in” to let everyone know if they see danger, need help, or are safe.

Share what's happening, as it's happening


Group 1 Channels

Keep everything organized

  • Channels make it easy for you to communicate with people at one or more location or your entire organization.
  • Create a channel for each school in your district.
  • Create a channel for each of your workplaces.
  • Create a channel for a large event.

Group 2 Notify

Share time-sensitive information about safety concerns, operational disruptions, utility outages, and public safety activity.

  • Easily send your message from your computer or mobile device.
  • Recipients immediately receive your message as a text and push notification, can acknowledge it, and comment.
  • When the situation is resolved, you or your team members can let everyone know.
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The fastest way to reach everyone when it matters most

Immediately alert people when they need to lockdown, shelter in place, or evacuate due to a critical event happening nearby.

Easily send emergency alerts from your mobile device or computer in seconds.

  • You are notified the moment any channel issues a shares and emergency.

11,501 +

Emergency alerts shared
since 2013

FrameConduct drills

Training is critical

Practice using Share911 during drills and training opportunities.

  • Review after action reports for drills to take corrective action and improve readiness.

38,744 +


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Component 8Panic Button & Accountability

Real-time situational awareness

When an emergency is happening, people share the location of danger or where help is needed with their co-workers and 911

  • Share the exact location of a threat.
  • Share the exact location of a fire or smoke condition.
  • Share the exact location of a medical emergency or injured persons
  • Share where missing persons were last seen.
  • See who is safe inside or outside the building.

Group 2Live View

Emergency Management

Liveview puts everything you need to know, from across all of your channels, in one place.

  • Information is prioritized by urgency, with reports of danger, and medical emergencies at the top of the page.
  • Missing and unaccounted-for persons are displayed in real-time.
  • See who is safe and where they are located.
live view


Manage the entire process on-line

  • Share911 makes it easy for your team to maintain the chain of custody for every student.
  • Enable parents & guardians to check-in electronically, making the entire process faster.

What our customers say?

Trusted by customers nationwide

In business since 2013, Share911 Emergency is used in schools, hospitals, and businesses of all kinds.

Affordable and budgetable pricing

Mass Notification


per recipient

  • Share time-sensitive information with everyone, people in specific locations, groups, or individuals
  • Notifications are received via text message, push notification, and email.
  • Recipients can respond with comments or questions.
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Parent/Guardian Reunification


per building

  • Manage and activate your reunification team members
  • Enable team members to maintain the chain of custody for each student
  • Enable parents/guardians to check-in electronically
  • Have real-time visibility of the status of each student in the process
  • Produce reports for after-action reporting
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Emergency Management


per employee

  • Includes Share911 Notify and Reunification
  • Share emergency action alerts customized to meet your plans and procedures
  • Receive location-specific reports of danger or where help is needed.
  • Share incident update messages during an emergency situation.
  • Identify and locate missing persons.
  • See who has reported themself safe.
  • Receive emergency alerts via text, push notification, and desktop.
  • Generate after-action reports for all drills and real events.
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We'd love to show you how you can be notified the moment anything is happening anywhere in your organization, alert people to take specific action to stay safe, account for everyone in real-time, or all of the above! Here are a few ways to reach out to our sales team.