Know what's happening

Share what's happening

As it's happening

Real-time, collaborative mass notification made simple.

Know what's happening

When danger is reported, help is needed, or an emergency alert has been issued, you are notified immediately.

Share what's happening

Share the exact location of danger and medical emergencies, issue alerts to let people know the action they should take to stay safe.

Document what happened

Everything that occurs on Share911 is automatically documented and available for your review and records.

Trusted by customers nationwide

School administrators, healthcare and business managers, fire/life safety, and security directors for all kinds of places agree - Share911 makes it easier for them to know what's happening and share what's happening! 

“Every employee has Share911 on the desktop and mobile device. This enables us to quickly alert them when they need to take action to get safe and lets them show us where they are in real-time."

“It's hard to imagine a better solution for a school district. It enables me to know the moment something is happening anywhere in our district. I get real-time situational awareness, accountability reporting, and the ability to communicate with everyone involved, from wherever I am."

“Share911 enables anyone who needs help or sees the danger to quickly share it with me and my entire team right from their own mobile device or computer. We all get notified sooner, which means we can react faster."

Don't be the last to know

When something is happening, anywhere in your organization, having Share911 ensures that you know about it, and enables you to see real-time, location-based reports of danger, where help is needed, and who is safe.