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Alert and account for building occupants or event attendees when an emergency is happening.
Deliver alerts and incident updates simultaneously via mobile, desktop, web browser, and compatible audio and visual communications systems.
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Emergency Management

When an emergency happens at or near your building or event, Share911 makes everything more efficient, starting with the ability to issue emergency alerts and view real-time reports of danger, injured, and missing persons, all from a single source of truth.

Emergency Alerts

Share911 empowers you and authorized personnel to issue emergency action alerts such as the need to lockdown, evacuate, or shelter in place from your mobile device or computer. 

Incident Updates

While an incident is underway,  share updates about what is happening as it is happening, keeping everyone informed instead of leaving them in the dark.

Real-Time Accountability

LiveView enables you and everyone involved in the incident to see who is near danger, in need of medical attention, missing, or safe. 

After-Action Reporting

Share911 documents everything that occurred during your drills and actual emergencies, providing a concise chronological record.

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Vector-1Alerting & Messaging

The fastest way to reach everyone when it matters most

  • Select from customized emergency alerts that let people know what action they need to take to get safe.
  • Send messages to everyone, groups, or individuals at any time.

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Emergency alerts shared
since 2013

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Component 8Panic Buttons

Location-specific reporting

When an emergency is happening, people share the location of danger or where help is needed with their co-workers and 911

  • Share the exact location of a threat.
  • Share the exact location of a fire or smoke condition.
  • Share the exact location of a medical emergency or injured persons
  • Share where missing persons were last seen.
  • See who is safe inside or outside the building.

Group 2Live View

Emergency Management

Liveview puts everything you need to know, from across all of your channels, in one place.

  • See the location of danger and medical emergencies at the top of the page.
  • Missing and unaccounted-for persons are displayed in real-time.
  • See who is safe and where they are located.
live view


Made more efficient

The faster you can reunify parents and guardians with their children, the better

  • Maintain the chain of custody for students as they are moving to recovery
  • Enable parents and guardians to check-in using their mobile device
  • Communicate with reunification team members and parents/guardians electronically

FrameConduct drills

Training is critical

Practice using Share911 during drills and training opportunities.

  • Review after action reports for drills to take corrective action and improve readiness.

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After-Action Reporting

Your record of everything that occurred

  • View a chronological chain of events to review what took place and what actions were taken
  • Have a record of all of your communications, including alerts and messages

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Trusted by customers nationwide

In business since 2013, Share911 Emergency is used in schools, hospitals, and businesses of all kinds.

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